For our line of 8mm Ø gas detector tubes:

For our line of 8mm Ø gas detector tubes

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Tube/Pump Brand Exchanging

In the world of gas detection (tubes), there have been a lot of statements by tube manufacturers to defend their own brand and safeguard their market. One of these statements that are find quite doubtful by lots of people that work with gas detection tubes, is that every tube can only be used with a pump of the same brand. To finally debunk this myth, there have been done professional tests as a prove for customers to let them be free to use certain combinations of brands, without the need of especially purchasing a new pump, by changing the brand of tube anymore. 

UNIPHOS™ Gas Detector Tubes are possible to be used 100% without any quality problems, with all 100cc piston and barrel type of pumps from the following other manufacturers: 

- Kitagawa
(AP-20, AP-20S)
- Gastec
  (GV-100, GV-110)
- RAE Systems / Honeywell

ASP-40 vs. AP-20/AP-20S


vs. GV-100/GV-110


ASP-40 vs. LP-1200 



Liabillity: Always perform a pump leak test before every measurement. Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd nor 7Solutions B.V. is responsible for any accidents that may happen because of the use of a malfunctioning pump from other brands than UNIPHOS™, used together with UNIPHOS™ Gas Detection Tubes.


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