For our line of 8mm Ø gas detector tubes:

For our line of 8mm Ø gas detector tubes

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UNIPHOS™ Gas Detection Tubes

A great number of different kinds of toxic gases and vapours can be measured with the UNIPHOS™ Gas Detection Tubes (short-term colorimetric gas detector tubes, gas measuring tubes, gas test tubes). These tubes are used e.g. for the determination of toxic gas in sewers, shafts, containers, tanks or other confined spaces, where electrochemical sensors do not have a solution to offer. In this way, more then 300 different types of gases can be measured. 

Common gases that are measureable with UNIPHOS™ tubes:

  • -   Phosphine
  • -   Benzene
  • -   Toluene
  • -   Xylene
  • -   Hydrocarbons
  • -   Ammonia
  • -   Methyl Bromide
  • -   Chlorine
  • -   Mercaptans
  • -   Amines
  • -   Formaldehyde
  • -   Hydrogen Sulphide
  • -   Oxygen
  • -   Carbon Dioxide
  • -   Carbon Monoxide
  • -   Acetone
  • -   Alcohol
  • -   Hydrogen Cyanide
  • -   Nitrogen Dioxide
  • -   1,2 Dichloroethane (1,2 DCE)

UNIPHOS™ is currently the most competitive brand of gas detection tubes in the world market, thanks to its extremely accurate (95%) measurements, combining with the lowest price you will ever encounter on the European market. 

Manufacturer ISO 9001 certified, and complies to the EN1231 European Standard for Gas Detector Tubes systems. 

We are still searching for channel partners in a lot of countries. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of this potent project and enjoying the benefits as being an exclusive distributor for your region or country. 

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